Ownership Mentality
We act like we own the restaurant. We treat guests like guests in our own home. We are committed to success and reliable. 

No One is Too Good to do Something
We pitch in to get the job done; we don’t worry about job titles and roles if something needs to be done. 

Figure it Out
Have a recommendation to solve a problem, just don’t complain or identify issues. We tackle challenges head on. 

Go Above & Beyond
Team members understand and embraces that their job is much more than what’s written in a job description. They go above and beyond daily. We challenge each other to be our best and strive to continually improve. 

Process Nerds
We recognize and appreciate that processes make us efficient and competitive. We’re constantly learning and adapting.

Continuous Learners
We are life-long learners to help develop ourselves as individuals and to improve the company.

Give Back
We give back to the communities where we live and work.

We have a positive, sincere and welcoming attitude toward our guests and co-workers. We value each other as individuals. 

We value integrity and consistency in quality of the food and beverages we serve, and product used. We don’t cut corners or sacrifice quality.